Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travel Plans

ENGLAND: While in England I will...
  • be a complete and total literary dork visiting all the key sites of Jane Austen, Harry Potter, and more.
  • be complete and total history dork.
  • go to a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
  • explore Oxford.
  • visit the Peak district with Pride & Prejudice in hand (this includes Pemberley!).
  • go the to Tate Modern.
  • wander through Bath.
  • visit the Harrisons and meet little Drew!

SCOTLAND: While in Scotland I will...
  • visit Stirlingshire and the castle in Monty Python’s Holy Grail, Doune Castle, quite possibly reenacting a scene or two. Clanking coconuts anyone?
  • explore Edinburgh fully.
  • visit Alnwick Castle which is the castle that is thought the castle on which J. K. Rowling based Hogwarts.

FRANCE: While I am in France I will...
  • not freeze my butt off during the coldest freak week of the year as I have the last two times I have been there.
  • enjoy Versailles for all it has to offer.
  • lose myself in the Louvre.
  • go to an open air market and buys lots of yummy food to enjoy on a picnic along the Seine (bottle of wine included of coarse).
  • drink copious amounts of wine.
  • understand what the scary men on stilts were telling me.
  • indulge myself with all the chocolate croissants I can stomach.


  1. Scary men on stilts! "Qu'est que vous faites? Qu'est-ce que vous faites? I think I'll have nightmares tonight.

  2. Oh I wish we still had the video of that. I was completely and utterly terrified. :(

  3. you know now that I think about it. My memory of that moment has become a bit distorted. For some reason when I reflect back on it I envision it almost like an Alice in Wonderland moment with giant men on stilts in crazy colored jester like outfits screaming words at me in a language I can't understand as they come closer and closer and I shrink, all while the room is spinning. I know it didn't quite go in that manner, but it is how I remember it! :)