Thursday, June 10, 2010

Only one and a half days left!

So our trip is looming near! Saturday morning we will make our way to San Francisco. While the reality of our trip has not quite sunk in yet (nor has the fact that I am on summer break and will not see the kids until late August), excitement is starting to build. The only negative that I see is the fact that two of Argentina's three games in the first round of the world cup will be played while I am in a plane. I usually faithfully watch every Argentina game (and many others) during the world cup, so no doubt I will be a ball of nervous energy on the plane anxiously waiting to deboard so that I can check my iphone for updates. Other than that, I am very much looking forward to beginning our travel adventure.


  1. Hey, I never realized you'd updated the blog! Can't believe that trip was about 2 months ago now and that since the trip you've made the decision to move back down here! A lot can change in 2 months. :o} See you Saturday!

  2. Obviously I haven't checked my blog in some time, lol. I still can't believe it either. :0) I couldn't be happier to be back!